Bakery Certificat d’Aptitude Professionnelle (CAP)

Do you want to become a baker?

Our bakery CAP is a state-recognised level V course recorded with the RNCP. This course allows students to split their time between the School and work experience, in order to put into practice the skills acquired at the School while familiarising themselves with the world of work, its atmosphere, its codes, and its pace.

Once they graduate, apprentices will be highly qualified professionals with a perfect grasp of bakery, viennoiserie, and bakery catering production techniques, as well as notions of hygiene, traceability, health & safety, and sustainable development. They will be involved in the goods-in process and the storage of ingredients as well as the production and storage of finished products. They will contribute to the merchandising of finished products and provide information for sales assistants, thereby taking part in sales process. By acquiring further knowledge and taking other courses, they will be able to take on responsibilities and eventually envisage starting, or buying, and managing their own business. Only in French.